An organisation that learns will grow…

An organisation that learns will grow…

In the next few weeks, I intend to put out a series of posts based on this theme.

Close to 20 years ago, when I first joined our family business, it was my heart felt desire and prayer that I get opportunities to learn and grow as an individual.

Working with Ace Pipeline Group, one thing I can say with pride is that not only me but the organisation seems to be constantly taking on initiatives, taking up on challenges, learning and growing.

Preparing a J groove bevel at site before welding using a hydraulic pipe facing machine

As part of this learning and taking on challenges team Ace Pipeline is building a 36” x 90 km pipeline to connect Chhara LNG Terminal with the national gas grid for Gujarat State Petronet Ltd. (GSPL) in Gujarat as an EPC Contractor for transportation of re-gasified natural gas.

Mainline welding being carried out using Serimax Saturnax-7 automatic welding system
Pipes being strung along the pipe right of way prior to welding

The fine nuances of an EPC project such as,

  • concurrent engineering to ensure procurement and construction decisions can begin soon after award of Contract rather than wait for a lengthy review cycle,
  • financial closures for high value procurement,
  • expediting procurement in a VUCA world,
  • ensuring compliance to highest standards of quality and safety,
  • coupled with modern construction techniques

are examples of skills our team members have honed over the past few months on this project.

Vietz Hydraulic cold field bending machine with a CRC-EVANS mandrel

There is much to learn; as at the end of the day “wisdom is the realisation that there is so much more to learn.”

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Written by : Tarun Singh
Written by : Tarun Singh

Director, Business Development at Ace Pipeline Contract Pvt. Ltd.