Automatic Welding

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In partnership with Serimax, we today are market leaders in India in automatic welding of onshore pipelines.

We own specialized automatic welding equipment owned by us including,

  • Pipe facing machines
  • Copper backed Internal Clamps
  • Saturnax 7 orbital welding system

We currently have resources for performing automatic weld joints from 6” to 48”.

Our crews comprising engineers, technicians and welders trained on the systems have delivered reliable good quality weld joints with low defect rates.

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Environmental benefits

Advantages of automatic welding:

Harsh Weather Conditions

Offshore pipeline fabrication and testing can be affected by harsh weather conditions such as strong winds, high waves, and storms, which can delay the work and pose safety risks to workers.

Access to Resources

Working offshore requires access to resources such as water, power, and equipment, which may be limited or unavailable in some locations, adding complexity to the fabrication and testing process.

Limited Workspace

Offshore platforms can have limited workspace, which can make it difficult to carry out pipeline fabrication and testing efficiently.

Environmental Concerns

Offshore pipeline fabrication and testing must comply with strict environmental regulations to minimize the impact on marine life, seabed, and other environmental factors.

Tight control over parameters leads to consistent and reliable weld joints

Higher productivity, especially when working on large diameter and pipelines with higher wall thickness.

Lower consumption of filler wire especially due to narrow J bevel