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ACE’s expertise has been honed by over three decades of experience in the execution of complex contracts throughout the length and breadth of the Indian sub-continent.

Our Services​

ACE’s expertise has been honed by over three decades of experience in the execution of complex contracts throughout the length and breadth of the Indian sub-continent.

Cross Country Pipelines

Cross-country pipelines are long-distance pipelines that transport oil, natural gas, or other fluids over land, often across large distances and sometimes across multiple countries.
These pipelines are typically used to transport oil or gas from production sites, such as oil fields or gas wells, to processing facilities, storage facilities, or to end-users like power plants or industrial facilities.
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Trenchless Pipeline Installation

Trenchless pipeline installation refers to a group of techniques for installing pipelines underground without the need for extensive excavation or trenching. These techniques are often used...
These techniques are often used when traditional excavation and trenching methods are not practical or are too expensive and is beneficial in urban or environmentally sensitive areas where digging trenches may not be feasible or desirable.
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Pipeline Integrity Management

Develop a program that outlines the specific activities and procedures that will be used to manage pipeline integrity. This program should include risk assessments, inspection and...
Regular maintenance and repair activities are critical for ensuring the long-term integrity of pipelines. These activities may include cleaning, coating, cathodic protection, or other measures to prevent corrosion and other forms of damage.
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Pipeline Testing & Commissioning

Pipeline testing and commissioning is a process of verifying that a newly constructed or modified pipeline system is safe, reliable, and fully operational.
The process typically involves several stages, including pre-commissioning checks, testing, and post-commissioning monitoring.
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Oil & Gas Surface Facility

Oil and gas surface facilities typically consist of a complex network of pipelines, tanks, pumps, and other equipment that are used to extract, process, and transport oil and gas from wells to refineries or other end-users.
Pipeline works are a crucial part of these surface facilities, as they are responsible for transporting the oil and gas from one point to another.
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Offshore Fabrication & Testing

Offshore pipeline fabrication and testing is a complex process that involves designing, building, and testing pipelines that will be used to transport oil and gas from offshore platforms or production facilities to onshore locations.
Offshore pipeline fabrication and testing can be a challenging process due to the unique conditions involved in working at sea.
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